Instagram Fun Twin Nails no2

Continuing with my recent Twin and Mani Swap series …
Today I have another #bestietwinnails post for you that I did with the lovely Kim ig @kimmarieex.
We chose a more simple, elegant design and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Our inspiration came from a design by ig @newlypolished that Kim liked. 
Here is the original design that we based our nails on.


Here is my recreation. I had some trouble getting the design as I wanted with the stripping tape as my nails are a different shape.


Here is Kim’s recreation. I think she has done an amazing mani and got the pattern perfectly.


Here are both pictures together


I would like to thank Kim for joining me with this I had so much fun and love our chats over on Kik…….
You can find Kim and myself mainly on Instagram here
Thanks for reading and there will be quite a few more posts in this series so keep an eye out for them xxxxxx


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