Instagram Mani Swap Fun no3

Here we have a another post for a #maniswap it did with the talented Cheyenne ig @cdbnails143. She chose my Dream Catcher and Feather mani and i chose to recreate her Feathers and Paws mani so we ended up with a Native American theme.
Below is Cheyennes beautiful original


Here is my recreation. I found this so difficult to fit on my nails but am happy how it turned out. Deffinately not as good a Cheyenne though.


Below is my original that she chose to recreate.


Here is her recreation. I think she has done an amazing job.

Here they all are together ….originals on the left and recreations on the right


This really stretches my skills at more fine detail and i so so enjoyed this. Thanks you Cheyenne.
You can find us both over on instagram here
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoyed it. xxxx


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