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Completed the Nail Art Challenge April on Instagram

Hi everyone.
Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but things have been abit hectic, but I am glad to say it’s all settled down.
Today I have all the nail art i have done for the April challenge on Instagram. I completed every challenge except 2 of them but in my defence I was also doing an Autism Awareness Challenge aswell.
Here is the challenge list.


So first was Blue Puzzle (for autism)


I enjoyed this one and was all done in nail polish instead of acrylic paint.

Next was Eggs.


Kept with pastel colours with a custom indie holo base colour.

The next 2 challenges I combined into 1 Baby Chicken and Bunny.


Not completely happy with these as I think the chicks and bunny’s look abit mad lol but I can only get better. Another one for the “I must practise more” list.

The next one was Easter.


This one had me abit lost for ideas to start with as a lot of the challenges covered things to do with easter but once I thought of this it went really well.

Earth Day was one of the challenges I couldn’t find time to do.

Next one was Flowers.


I really enjoyed this one as I love doing the more detailed art with acrylic paint.

Lastly was Moon and this was the other challenge I could not get around to doing

Here they all are …….


Hope you enjoyed this and I will be back soon with some more varied nail art as I am not taking part in a May challenge.
See you soon
Lisa xxx