Instagram Mani Swap Fun no4

Hello my lovelies and welcome to September. Wow where has the time gone.
Continuing my series here is another mani swap I did on instagram with the amazingly talented Tracie aka ig @mentalmoma or also know as my Nail Sis
Tracie chose to do my sunset/sunrise vines/flower nails.
Here is my original

And here is Tracies recreation


How amazing is that….she has recreated it perfectly with the colours and detail.
Below is Tracies original design inspired by a dress.


And below is my recreation.


Not completely happy with it but enjoyed myself creating this and I am deffinately will try this design again.
Below are all 4 designs together, originals on the left and recreations on the right.


Thank you so much my lovely nail sis for joining me on this I enjoyed every moment 😘😘
Well i hope you enjoyed this and I will be back soon with another installment.
You can find us both over on instagram.


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