Freckles Polish (UK Indie ) Swatches and Review

I was asked recently by Julieann the creator behind Freckles Polish if I would like to review and swatch some polishes from her soon to be released Happy Hour Holos Collection. All the polish names in this collection are taken from Cocktails. So of course I had to say Yes Please. There are 6 polishes in this collection to be released on Friday 25th April 2014.
I have had my eye on this brand for a little while since its recent release and all of the polishes are stunning and i am so glad to be able to show you 2 of them….
First I will show you Purple Planters Punch. A gorgeous delicate holo lilac with an almost dusky appearance and subtle holo effect ( as with most light colours the holographic effect isn’t so strong as it will dull the colour ). It catches the light beautifully in the sun and looks so so pretty. A really beautiful combination of colour and holo effect. The picture below was taken in a light box….all pictures show 2 coats with top coat.


The next picture shows Purple Planters Punch with L to R flash, natural sunlight and in a light box.


Next is Blue Lagoon a gorgeous mid to dark blue with a strong linear holo effect. A stunning colour and holographic combination that really catches the light and complement each other perfectly.
Shown first is pictures taken in a light box and shows 2 coats with no top coat.


The next pictures show Blue Lagoon taken in different lights ie light box, under a desk lamp, flash and in sunlight. All picture show 2 coats without top coat except the sunlight pictures.


Application was amazing and so easy.  Brush was very accurate to work with as was the prefect formula of these polishes.  Drying time was only a few mins for the first coat and abit longer for the second. 2 coats gave perfect coverage. Packaging and presentation are perfect with a personal touch that always impresses me.
You can find Julieann and her impressive UK indie brand Freckles Polish here


I couldn’t resist doing a gradient with these 2 polishes as they go so well together.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please go and check out Freckles Polish as it is well worth investing in these high quality beautiful polishes. 
Lisa xx


Review and Swatches of the Disney Themed Collection from Foxy Paws Polish

I was very lucky recently to win this collection from Foxy Paws Polish.
I was not asked to review these polishes as they were a prize but I decided to share my thoughts with you all.
These were the prizes that arrived. My first OPI Avojuice hand moisturiser in Winterberry, my first Poshe base coat and strengthener and the 4 Disney Themed Collection polishes from Foxy Paws L-R “I See The Light “, “Once Upon a Dream”, “Tale As Old as Time” and “Part of your World “.


First is “Part of your World ”


A beautiful Teal / Green packed with different sized red glitter and hex plus blue and silver glitter. First coat is deceptive as slightly sheer but is perfect after 2 coats. Application, brush and presentation are perfect. Shown is 2 coats plus topcoat.  Absolutely gorgeous with a wonderful sparkle.

Next is “Tale As Old as Time ”


A lovely Chocolate / Taupe colour with different sized gold glitter, dots and hex with the added addition of holographic dots. This was probably the only one in this collection that I wasn’t sure about as it’s a colour I would not normally choose,  but the combination goes perfectly and looks beautiful on. Again application was easy. Shown is 2 coats with topcoat. Great and unusual colour combination but work perfectly together.

Next is “Once Upon a Dream ”


A stunning glittery blue with pale pink / lilac dots and hex. Shown is 2 coats plus topcoat. A mid tone blue that glitters in the sunlight. Application and drying time were perfect. Love the colour combination in this polish.

Last but not least is my overall favourite of this collection called “I See The Light”


A stunning dark blue jelly with a gorgeous combination of violet glitter, hex and dots, copper and silver glitter and copper hex. This looks absolutely stunning on with this amazing colour combination. Shown is 2 coats with topcoat.


An amazing collection with gorgeous colour combinations. Drying time and application are perfect. All of these 4 polishes I will deffinately be wearing again and again.
Foxy Paws Polish can be found
Shop Website
Twitter @foxypawspolish
Charlotte has once again outdone herself with this collection and i would highly recommend any of her polishes to all
Lisa xxx

Review of Taras Talons Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Oil

Taras Talons products are part of The Tara Emporium. This is one of our UK’s longest running Indie Polish Brands and has recently expanded to include hand and nail care, bath and beauty products, nail art accessories, her own indie polish brand, clothes and jewellery. 
I had been looking for a good cuticle remover and cuticle oil for a little while as I felt the one I had been using wasn’t working that well so decided to buy some from Tara at her website.
They arrived quickly and were well packaged as always, and included a sweet that my boyfriend so kindly commandeered. 
I wanted to use these products a few times before reviewing to really see how well they would work.
These are how the products look


I set about my usual cuticle care and remove all traces of nail polish.
I then soak my fingers in warm soapy water for 5 – 10 mins before applying the cuticle remover and letting it soak in for a few minutes before using an orange stick to GENTLY remove any excess cuticle from around the nail. I then rinse my hands and dry before applying the cuticle oil and letting that soak in again for a few minutes before massaging around the nail and also onto the nail itself. If required I repeat this depending how dry my cuticles and skin around my nails are due to frequent use of acetone.
The pictures below are before using ….




As you can see my cuticle need doing and are quite dry.
The next pictures are after using Taras Talons Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Oil.




As you can see there is a huge difference from before and after.
These products not only smell nice and are not overpowering like some, the oil is lemon scented and the remover has a very nice subtle scent, but do the job they are designed to do gently and effectively. These will be the ONLY products I now use for my cuticles and i can’t recommend them highly enough to everyone. I have used them not only on my cuticles, but my toes, my boyfriends toes ( yup you read that right ) and my daughters cuticles as well with amazing results. We were all so impressed.
You can find Tara and her amazing products here
I cannot thank Tara enough she not only sells and created amazing products but is a wonderful lady who is always glad to help.
Well i hope you enjoyed this review and will go and check these amazing products out.
Lisa xxx

Last day of the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Chevron

Oopppsss sorry I am abit late posting this but had quite a few things going on…..
Right well the very last day of the #nailartchallengemarch on Instagram was Chevron …..not something I had done before so gave me a great excuse to have a go….
Started with a base colour of Foxy Paws Polish in I See The Light from her Disney Themed Collection and used acrylic paint for the free hand chevron and added a couple of purple gem stones …..I wasn’t overly happy with how it ended up but I know i need more practice in this design …..


As you can see my free hand chevrons are far from perfect and uneven ….
Well this is the March challenge completed. I am participating in another challenge for April and also one for Autism so going to be very busy nail art wise so keep an eye out for my posts. ..
Bye for now
Lisa xxx

Day 8 of the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Aztec

Ok …so today’s challenge for the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Aztec….
Now this is something I have been wanting to try for ages but never ever got round to it, suprisingly as it may seem.
So off i went to looks on Instagram and Google looking at Aztec nail art to see if a particular design caught my eye, and even looked at Aztec designs themselves, but I couldn’t find one particular design that I really wanted to do.
So with that in mind I decided to just “go with the flow” as it were and see how things progressed and turned out.
I decided I wanted to use some of my La Femme neon colours in yellow,  green, pink and orange so started with a white base of Sinful Colors White on White to make the colours stand out, and then did each nail in a different colour. Once I had done that I then used a top coat before doing my nail art pattern with black acrylic paint as it makes mistakes easier to wipe off with a damp pad.
I did a slightly different design on each nail and am pretty happy with how my first attempt at Aztec nails came out.
Picture was taken in my light box.


There is only one day of this monthly challenge left to do after this :(( but another challenge is set for next month. I might even do two, the #nailartchallengeapril and the one I am deffinately doing with be the #paintitblue #bluenailsforautism challenge so watch this space xxxxx

April is Paint it Blue for Autism Awareness


April is Worldwide Autism Awareness Month and the nail community all joins together to Paint it Blue by painting our nails blue or even doing a monthly challenge based on Autism. This act of unity promotes understanding, knowledge and awareness of this disorder that is very misunderstood by many people purely due to the fact that they know nothing about it.

Autism is very close to mine and my families hearts, as our granddaughter, Bella, who will be 3 in April, suffers with Autism. Now she is getting the correct help she is progressing and is starting to develope much better. But she will always be a very special girl, especially to us, her family ♡♡♡


What is Autism ? I hear you say !
Autism is a very complex disorder so I will keep to the basics.

The information below was taken from website

About autism

More than 1 out of every 100 people has autism

You cannot always tell that someone has autism just by looking at them. Because of this autism is sometimes called a hidden disability.

Autism lasts for all of a person’s life. But they can still do a lot of things and learn a lot of skills.

Some people with autism find these things difficult

They find it difficult to tell people what they need, and how they feel.
They find it difficult to meet other people and to make new friends. 
They find it difficult to understand what other people think, and how they feel.

Not everyone with autism will find these things difficult. This is because everyone with autism is different.

What causes autism ?

No one knows why people have autism.

If your child has autism, it is not because you are a bad parent.

More than 1 person in a family may have autism. It can be genetic. This means autism can pass from parents to their children.

How do people with autism behave ?

Here is some information about people with autism.

They may not speak. But they may use things like pictures or sign language to communicate.
They may not understand what other people say. 
They may copy what other people say. 
They may only talk about their favourite subject. 
They may not take part in games or activities with other people. 
They may like to play the same game or do the same thing every day.
They may be very interested in one thing and know a lot about it.
They may be good at remembering information.
They may do well at school, college and work. 

What else is special about autism ?

Here is some more information about people with autism.

They may find co-ordination difficult. This means that they may find it difficult to do things like use scissors, use knives and forks, or ride a bike. 
They may be very good at something. For example, they may be very good at maths, art or music. 
They can be good at learning how to do something when they see someone else doing it. 
They may be good at concentrating on one activity. 
They may have learning disabilities. 
They may have other difficulties. For example, they may have dyslexia.


The 5 senses

Here is some information about how autism can affect someone’s senses.

Some people with autism may not like bright lights and colours. Other people with autism might like them a lot.

Some people with autism may not like loud noises. Other people with autism might like certain noises.

Some people with autism may not like some smells. Other people with autism might like a certain smell.

Some people with autism may not like being touched. Other people with autism might like being touched.

Some people with autism may like to eat the same food every day. Other people with autism might like lots of different food.

Asperger syndrome

There is a type of autism called Asperger syndrome.

People with Asperger syndrome do not have learning disabilities. But they find the same things difficult as people with autism.

Some people with Asperger syndrome find these things difficult.

They find it difficult to tell people what they need, and how they feel. 
They find it difficult to meet other people and to make new friends. 
They find it difficult to understand what other people think, and how they feel.


How to get more information in the UK

You can get more information about autism from

Autism Helpline 
Phone: 0808 800 4104
Minicom: 0845 070 4003
Open from 10am until 4pm 
Open from Monday until Friday

I hope this has helped you understand Autism abit more.

I am not only going to be painting my nails blue, along with many others in the nail community, I will also be doing a monthly challenge for Autism. Many are joining in and i would really appreciate your help in spreading awareness for this very worthwhile cause. Even if you paint your nails blue for one day of the month, each and every participant helps.


You can find me here
Google + Lisa Hutten
Twitter @lisahutten67
Tumbler lisahutten
I know myself and many others would love to see your Paint it Blue nails for Autism Awareness
Luv Lisa xxxx

Day 7 of the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Cherry

Well today’s challenge was Cherry so although i wanted to do something really different and unusual i was feeling totally uninspired despite looking at lots of designs. So i decided to go with something simple as i find that is what works for me and them gets my inspiration going again. We all have off days and this was mine..


Colours used were
Red … illamasqua Throb
White …Sinful Colors White on White
Acrylic pain for stems and leaves.
Suprisingly I was quite happy with how they turned out. I really don’t know why I have never used red and white together before as I love the combination.
Right that’s me all done for now but I will be back soon
Lisa xx