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Instagram Fun Twin Nails

In response to a post I put up on instagram for Mani Swaps or Twin nails here is the first #bestietwinnails post
I got together with the lovely and amazingly talented Tracie ig @mentalmoma and we decided to do a Scaled Gradient inspired by @simplynailogical as we had both been wanting to try out this technique and design. We chose our own colours and used a single chevron guide.
Here is Tracies design


I absolutely adore the colours she chose for the gradient and so beautifully blended.
Here is mine


I chose to use holographic polishes and love how they blended.
But Tracie being Tracie decided she wanted to add something to make them stand out and I’m so glad we did



As you can see we added some leopard print and i love how it turned out. Here are both pictures together

Thank you to Tracie doing this with me and the laughs we had along the way. Can’t wait for our Mani Swap hun
You can find us, Tracie and myself frequently on instagram and here are the links
Tracie http://instagram.com/mentalmoma
Me http://instagram.com/lala_lacquer

See you for the next installment of mani swaps and twin nails


Welcome to lalalacquer

Well I have finally done it and created my very first blog….I hope you will join me on my journey through the my world of nail art, swatches and reviews and tutorials as well as all things nail and polish related…..enjoy xxxx