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Instagram Mani Swap Fun no4

Hello my lovelies and welcome to September. Wow where has the time gone.
Continuing my series here is another mani swap I did on instagram with the amazingly talented Tracie aka ig @mentalmoma or also know as my Nail Sis
Tracie chose to do my sunset/sunrise vines/flower nails.
Here is my original

And here is Tracies recreation


How amazing is that….she has recreated it perfectly with the colours and detail.
Below is Tracies original design inspired by a dress.


And below is my recreation.


Not completely happy with it but enjoyed myself creating this and I am deffinately will try this design again.
Below are all 4 designs together, originals on the left and recreations on the right.


Thank you so much my lovely nail sis for joining me on this I enjoyed every moment 😘😘
Well i hope you enjoyed this and I will be back soon with another installment.
You can find us both over on instagram.


Babyjanepolish polish swatch and review

I was very lucky get hold of 2 gorgeous polishes from Beth at Babyjanepolish …….
First today is Gold-e-Locks a beautiful gold shimmer polish that has a slight holographic effect to it….its quite a sheer polish but builds up nicely over 3 coats although there is still a VNL but this does not distract from its beauty. It is stunning enough to be eye catching but in a subtle way. Once again application was smooth and there was no streaking  …..picture below is taken in a light box 3 coats over clear base coat with top coat xxxx

Next is Surreal a beautiful blue packed with glitter and holo. A very highly pigmented polish with a matte rough textured finish but really comes into its own once a top coat is added as the glitter and holo really do show up amazingly. Shown in the picture is 2 coats over a clear base coat and application was absolutely perfect. If you have shorter nails you will deffinately get away with one coat. I had no nail staining on removal and only slight skin staining on rough skin that was easily removed with acetone.

Babyjanepolish can be found at present on instagram @babyjanepolish and Beth is aiming for a pre order date of 1st February with a release date on the 14th February …..Once again Beth has done an amazing job with these polishes xxxx

Luvpolish new UK indie line

Luvpolish is a recently released new 5 free UK indie polish line Lisa it’s creator has some wonderful polishes and I am honoured to have been able to review and swatch two of them here for you.

First today is Blossom and this certainly lives up to its name being delicate and soft. It’s is a sheer milky white base with fine red, blue and silver glitter and slightly larger holo hex. Application was smooth and easy with a great drying time and bottle style is lovely. Shown below in the picture I have put two thin coats over white on index and pinky and three thin coats on ring and middle fingers. The holo hex was hard to capture but can be seen showing up in the bottle. A beautiful polish for us girls. Shown below is in photo box

And here is Blossom in natural daylight.

Next today is Syringa, a beautiful lilac packed with red and silver hex and the slightly larger size blue and silver glitter. One coat is very sheer but amazingly builds up to a gorgeous colour over three coats. Once again application and drying time were great. Pictures show three thin coats over a clear base. First is in a light box.

And in natural daylight

Luvpolish can be found on instagram @luvpolish.  Twitter, kik and Facebook under luvpolish and the website to view and buy these beauties is http://www.luvpolish.co.uk
Incase you were curious Syringa is a group of woodland plants that the Lilac tree belongs to xxxx