Instagram Fun with Mani Swaps

I recently put a post on instagram asking for anyone who wanted to do mani swaps or twin nails with me. I was overwhelmed with the response.
So i will be doing some regular posts on how these turned out.
First is my #maniswap with ig @brendas_nail_art_adventures
Brenda decided to recreate a recent mani I had done of dream catchers and feathers. Below is my original.


Below is Brendas recreation.


She has done such an amazing job recreating my mani, even down to the colours.
I chose to recreate her tropical sunset and palm trees mani and below is her original


Here below is my recreation. I loved doing this as my two fav types of nail art are gradients with black acrylic detailing


Here are all 4 pics together. The originals on the left and recreations on the right.


This was my first time doing a mani swap and it was great fun and I thank Brenda for joining me with this and doing such a wonderful mani xx
You can find myself and Brenda here
I will be back soon with another installment xxxxx


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