Autism Awareness Nail Art Challenge

April as some of you may know is Autism Awareness Month. Many people do many different things to try and raise awareness for this much misunderstood disorder.
As I am part of the wonderful nail community I found a challenge specifically for this.



I am quite proud of myself that I managed to do all of the challenges although sometimes I did combine 2 into 1.
Blue Flowers


I really love how these turned out. I used a no name nude base and everything else was done with acrylic paints.



So bright and colourful with puzzle shaped clouds. Base of Sinful Colours Cinderella and the rest done with acrylic paints.

Blue Gradient / Ombre


Simple gradient using Sinful Colours Snow me White and Colour Club Endless Summer with random glitter placement.  How hard is it to do the random placement without it looking neat ?

Puzzle Pieces


As you can probably tell from the next picture I prepared this in advance colours is ed are on the net picture description and used acrylic paint to do the puzzle pieces.



Not something I have done before and deffinately need practice. I used Models Own Duck from the Speckled Eggs Collection and Colour Club Halo Hues Blue Heaven. Accent nails I also added China Glaze For Audrey and Colour Club Endless Summer.

Awareness Ribbon


Used a base of Freckles Polush Blue Lagoon and the rest was done with acrylic paint. I didn’t feel competent enough to try the ribbons with the puzzle pieces pattern on them so did them separately.

Blue Fishtail and Handprint (2 challenges combined)


Really not happy with how my fishtail braid turned out as had some trouble with the opacity of one of the polishes but do want to do more of these. I followed a great tutorial from @emilynailsxo on instagram and you can find her awesome blog here I love how braids look so will deffinately keep practicing using this tutorial. Guess you know what they say “practice makes perfect”. Quite happy with the hand prints although you can’t see them all that well.

Plastic / Saran Wrap



A technique I have wanted to try but hadn’t got round to it. So was really happy being able to do this and loved the way it came out so much that I even did my cinderella (dominant) hand aswell. CC Blue Heaven, Endless Summer and CG For Audrey. So happy with this. Added studs from Ebay on my swatch hand in dark and light blue.

I really enjoyed doing this challenge to raise awareness for Autism as it is a cause very close to my heart as my 3 yr old granddaughter Bella has this disorder so I see and hear the negative and ignorant comments and reactions first hand.
Please take abit of time to read about Autism and make this disorder more understood in our word.
Thank you


10 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Nail Art Challenge

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  2. I have posted your fishtail design on my website now, thanks for using my tutorial 😀 !

    All these designs you have done are brilliant! I look forward to seeing more of your work now I have found your blog 🙂 xxx

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