Freckles Polish (UK Indie ) Swatches and Review

I was asked recently by Julieann the creator behind Freckles Polish if I would like to review and swatch some polishes from her soon to be released Happy Hour Holos Collection. All the polish names in this collection are taken from Cocktails. So of course I had to say Yes Please. There are 6 polishes in this collection to be released on Friday 25th April 2014.
I have had my eye on this brand for a little while since its recent release and all of the polishes are stunning and i am so glad to be able to show you 2 of them….
First I will show you Purple Planters Punch. A gorgeous delicate holo lilac with an almost dusky appearance and subtle holo effect ( as with most light colours the holographic effect isn’t so strong as it will dull the colour ). It catches the light beautifully in the sun and looks so so pretty. A really beautiful combination of colour and holo effect. The picture below was taken in a light box….all pictures show 2 coats with top coat.


The next picture shows Purple Planters Punch with L to R flash, natural sunlight and in a light box.


Next is Blue Lagoon a gorgeous mid to dark blue with a strong linear holo effect. A stunning colour and holographic combination that really catches the light and complement each other perfectly.
Shown first is pictures taken in a light box and shows 2 coats with no top coat.


The next pictures show Blue Lagoon taken in different lights ie light box, under a desk lamp, flash and in sunlight. All picture show 2 coats without top coat except the sunlight pictures.


Application was amazing and so easy.  Brush was very accurate to work with as was the prefect formula of these polishes.  Drying time was only a few mins for the first coat and abit longer for the second. 2 coats gave perfect coverage. Packaging and presentation are perfect with a personal touch that always impresses me.
You can find Julieann and her impressive UK indie brand Freckles Polish here


I couldn’t resist doing a gradient with these 2 polishes as they go so well together.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please go and check out Freckles Polish as it is well worth investing in these high quality beautiful polishes. 
Lisa xx


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