Day 8 of the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Aztec

Ok …so today’s challenge for the Nail Art Challenge March on Instagram is Aztec….
Now this is something I have been wanting to try for ages but never ever got round to it, suprisingly as it may seem.
So off i went to looks on Instagram and Google looking at Aztec nail art to see if a particular design caught my eye, and even looked at Aztec designs themselves, but I couldn’t find one particular design that I really wanted to do.
So with that in mind I decided to just “go with the flow” as it were and see how things progressed and turned out.
I decided I wanted to use some of my La Femme neon colours in yellow,  green, pink and orange so started with a white base of Sinful Colors White on White to make the colours stand out, and then did each nail in a different colour. Once I had done that I then used a top coat before doing my nail art pattern with black acrylic paint as it makes mistakes easier to wipe off with a damp pad.
I did a slightly different design on each nail and am pretty happy with how my first attempt at Aztec nails came out.
Picture was taken in my light box.


There is only one day of this monthly challenge left to do after this :(( but another challenge is set for next month. I might even do two, the #nailartchallengeapril and the one I am deffinately doing with be the #paintitblue #bluenailsforautism challenge so watch this space xxxxx


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