Review and Swatches of Nail Honey “A Honey Coated Rainbow ” Collection. ..

I was very supprised and honoured to be approached by Bee,  the creator of Nail Honey Custom Lacquers, to swatch for her amazing 5 free Indie line. Her spring collection, of 6 beautiful coloured polishes, ” A Honey Coated Rainbow” arrived quickly and safely and i couldn’t wait to try them and loved the personal touch and the little extras that were included. Below is what was in my swatch package.


Mojito is an amazing green with a lovely shimmer that really catches the eye in certain light. It surprisingly suited my skin tone and looked stunning. Application was 2 coats with topcoat no base coat. Perfect application and no staining on removal. Drying time was perfect. Picture taken in a light box. A gorgeous green that will go with virtually any skin tone.


Ocean Slide is an amazing mid toned blue with a subtle shimmer. Only 2 coats were needed with top coat no base coat. Great application and drying time between coats and no staining on removal, as is so often the case with blue polishes. A very eye catching polish that is gorgeous just as it is. Picture below is taken in a light box.


Purple Blaze is a gorgeous mid toned purple again with a lovely shimmer. I used 3 coats as slightly more sheer, with top coat and no base coat. Once again application and drying time were perfect. No staining on removal. A truly unique purple to add to any polish collection. Picture taken in a light box.


Next is Pinkin a really beautiful pink. A bright almost neon in colour and is certainly gorgeous. Slight subtle shimmer that enhances the colour perfectly. Once again only 2 coats with top coat and no base coat. Perfect application once again. No staining on removal. Picture below taken in a light box.


Blazin is an amazing burnt orange colour and this really shows the shimmer beautifully. Only 2 coats with top coat and no undies. Looks absolutely gorgeous on your nails. No staining on removal. Picture below was taken outside in some rare British sunshine.


Sunshine in a Bottle is one of the best toned yellows I have come across and once again shows the shimmer beautifully. Suprisingly only 2 coats were needed for full coverage with top coat and no base coat. Easy removal with no staining. Stunning. Picture taken in natural sunlight.


This amazing collection really is worth taking the time to buy. I was really supprised that all of them suited my skin tone as I wasn’t sure they all would. Presentation is gorgeous I love the bottles and the coordinating colour gem on the top. I do love little personal touches like that. Application with the brush was perfect and the consistency of the polish is perfect as is the drying time. Enough time to get the polish on how you want before it starts drying and drys quickly enough to be ready for your next coat after 5 mins. I was supprised on removal that I didn’t have any staining on my nails which is always a bonus as they are quite pigmented polishes. So perfect all round.


An amazing worth while collection to own. Great for not only Spring but Summer too. I can see these being used a lot by myself as I adore them.
You can find Bee and her polishes on

and her store to buy these and more lovelies is
Bee also ships internationally as she is USA based xxxxx

As a special thank you to Bee and this stunning collection I decided to do some nail art inspired by them ….
I give you ” A Honey Coated Rainbow ”




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