My Polish From The Tara Emporium Fan Collection

A little while ago one of our UK’s longest running Indie lines asked her followers to contribute ideas for her Fan Collection…..
The idea being that followers, customers and fans of Taras polish line would email their idea of a polish to her and she would pick some to be released in collections ….Therefore hence the name The Fan Collection….
So I eagerly sent my email with my idea for a polish and waited expectantly…..imagine my surprise when I received an email back saying that my polish idea had be chosen to be included in this collection ….
Tara released her first Fan Collection earlier this month and the second is being released on Monday 17th March 2014 and it is this collection that includes my polish idea……as a thank you to her fans whose polishes are included Tara sends out a polish free of charge of the creation she had made with your idea and mine arrived today….
And here it is …..Crimson Tide…..


I could not believe how exact Tara had got this to the idea and picture I had in my head of this polish ……It is exactly how I pictured it….
So as you can guess it went straight on my nails…..First coat is deceptive as it looks quite sheer and a pinky red but the  idea behind this polish was for it to be a squishy jelly with red glitter, hex and holo circles that built up over three coats to give a sense of three dimensional depth and colour ….and oh my oh my…. by the third coat it had deffinately done that ….The depth and sparkle was absolutely perfect as was the colour…..application was amazing with the brush and polish and drying time was fabulous ….
a small amount of placement required with the large holo circles but that is always expected…


The above picture was taken outside…


This one above was taken in a light box…
And below are a selection of closer picture so you can see the three dimensional depth this polish gives…


The only thing I could not capture was the amazing glitter effect but will wait for a sunnier day for that…..
You can also find Tara on
Facebook …..
Etsy …
As well as her main website where you will not only find her amazing polishes but nail care products, jewellery, bath and body products and nail gems amongst other wonderful things so please go and check her shop out …..

Now there is abit of a story behind my idea for this polish so don’t go away and continue reading please….
About 5 months ago I was looking into starting my own indie line…looking at supplies, writing idea down for what polishes I would like to create and researching the regulations ect……
Unfortunately my dream wasn’t ment to become reality. …but if it had, one of the polishes I would have made for my first release would have been Crimson Tide…
So to see it made so so perfectly from my idea was an amazing feeling as a  apart of my dream has come true. ..and yes there were a few tears as I got all emotional.
I cannot thank Tara and her amazing skill enough for doing this…as a part of my dream came true today ….bless you hunny xxxxxxx


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