Gradients Love/Hate Relationship

I don’t know if many of you are aware but I do love to do gradients. They look great on their own, as a mix and match or with art work over them. There are so many colour combinations and varying ways that you can always create something different……but ……In order for this gorgeous effect, there is the down side and that’s the mess to clean up …..I am quite slap dab when doing my gradients so at the time of sponging I don’t worry about the mess around my nails it’s the blending of the gradient that’s important to me….
As always preparation is important and i always use a base coat and a base colour. Either white or the lightest of the colours I am using to sponge, and then I personally add a quick drying top coat as I feel it gives a better finish with the blending but also stops the base colour becoming tacky again …..(I do get asked how I get the blending to go so well and there are a few tips you can find online but will give you a few pointers about these at the end of this post)…. Always finish your gradient with a topcoat as it helps to blend the colours even more.
Afterwards is a different matter ……oh what a mess !!!!! But it’s all part of our hobby or job so we roll are sleeves up and get on with it…..
Here is a typical example of my mess once I have completed sponging my gradient and am happy with the blending……


As you can see there is quite a lot to clean up … usually I will use a cotton bud soaked in remover to remove the worst and then a clean up pen to do the rest. Occasionally if it’s very late I will be ultra lazy and after top coating will leave the clean up till the morning…..and this is where my easy lazy clean up tip comes in.
A bowl of hot soapy water and a flannel (face cloth) and gently rub around your nails to remove the polish off your skin….Do Not rub hard…..I find this method good for stopping any staining that you get with darker colours esp if your like me and have areas of hard skin on the free edge side of your nail….


now that the worst is off you can do the final clean up and either leave as is or add some glitter or art work and topcoat …… and here is the finished result


There are a few ways that have been suggested so you can minimise the mess ….
1) use cello tape around your finger and nail ( like you would for water marbles )
2) vaseline around the area …I end up getting this all over my nail when sponging so I don’t use this.
3) lip balm around the area….I haven’t tried this but for me would probably be the same as with vaseline. …
4) the most obvious ……be careful and don’t make so much mess …..haha

Right here are a few blending tips from you tube that I have found help me…
1) over lap the colours slightly on the sponge
2) roll the sponge with polish over the nail
3) dab not only side to side but very slightly up and down
4) more thinner coats are better than a couple of thick ones
I hope these tips help you with your gradients and if you do any based on this post then please post them to my Facebook page Lalalacquer as I would love to see them xxxx
Here are a few examples of gradients I have done.

Bye for now my lovelies and hope you enjoyed reading this …..xxxx


14 thoughts on “Gradients Love/Hate Relationship

  1. Brilliant blog post huni.
    I hate having messy fingers so don’t think I could leave mine until the morning but some other techniques I haven’t tried πŸ™‚ just normal do What you do and use acetone and cotton bud lol xxx

    • Thank you hunny …..I find if I use cotton buds and acetone late at night the light isn’t good so I still miss bits ……plus I end up using loads as I am sooooo messy hehe ……everyone has a way that works best for them xxxxxxxx

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