My instagram valentines contest entries

Sorry I haven’t been posting recently but  with things at home, a couple of valentine competitions on instagram and a monthly challenge things have been abit hectic …….so today’s post is going to be some of my valentines nails that I have been doing for the competitions on instagram
First up is a simple design using stripping tape to create the white area.


Next is abit more complicated but didn’t turn out as good as it looked in my head but as they say practice makes perfect and i am learning constantly.


Here we have a design all done free hand and i was happy with how this turned out as took a while to get the hearts how I wanted. Deffinately something I will practice more


Another all free hand design. I found doing the lettering much more difficult than I imagined but its all a learning curve and something I deffinately want to get better at.


And last but not least is my last entry and i must say it’s my favourite out of my entries so far. I do love doing animal print designs especially the zebra type. So combining that and valentines hearts was perfect for me.


Well that’s all my entries for the nailsagogo valentine contest on instagram. I hope you wish me luck but at the end of the day creating these was immense fun and sometimes challenging so in that respect it was very worth while and enjoyable …..xx


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