Inspired by (ig) @mentalmoma evening

Well it seams I am having a very inspired evening of nail art….I have completed 2 nail art manis inspired by one person ….Tracie or as we know her on instagram @mentalmoma. …Tracie is a real inspiration to me as her nails are absolutely gorgeous, so long and well looked after. Her art work is stunning and she varies between different techniques and styles with plenty of varied and stunning manicures. Her pictures are always clear and well presented and she is never afraid to admit if something is difficult or a challenge to her. Always supportive of other artists whether they are new to nail art or old hands at it, and always happy to help with tips and advice. A real credit to the nail art community.
Here are Tracies manis that inspired me to try and recreate them


And here are my recreations …….


I would like to thank Tracie for the inspiration she has and continues to give not only me but many others within the nail community xxxx you can find Tracie at or on instagram @mentalmoma


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