A little bit about me and my nails

Well where shall I start….
Me….well i am 46 yrs young and live in the south of England, UK. I have 3 beautiful daughters, the youngest being 16 and the only one at home. I have been with my wonderful boyfriend Simon for 7 years who totally spoils me where polish and my nail art are concerned and can’t thank him enough for his support and love, and don’t work now as I look after him due to his back problems. I used to be a qualified nurse working in Orthopaedics, Intensive and Coronary Care, Care of the Elderly, Endoscopy and finally Spinal Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation.
I have my 16 yr old daughter Kennedy to blame for my nail polish addiction and love of nail art as it was she who got me into nail art about 7 months ago.  I am going to show you some of my nail art over the last 7 months and hope you enjoy looking and reading this. So without further ado…..

The above are some of my personal favourites the top left was the earliest as you can probably guess it was summer here in the UK and I was also doing a monthly nail art challenge in August….

Here are a few more that cover some of the summer and also Halloween and bonfire night with a couple of more recent and even an Xmas one lol I do try and vary my art but do often find a certain type of design I like to do so I change the colours to vary things a bit. …

Next up is Xmas designs and once again I was entering competitions on instagram as you can probably guess but with one of my swatch pictures of one of my Xmas presents at the bottom right xx



These last 3 are the most recent and i loved doing these esp the zebra print as it’s not something I have done for a while so it’s nice to redo and see the improvements I hopefully have made…
I hope this has interested you and not bored you to tears lol but I think it’s nice to be able to get to know someone a little bit …. bye for now and I will be back soon xxxxx


6 thoughts on “A little bit about me and my nails

  1. Lisa hun, your nail art is lush & a massive thanks to your daughter for getting you into it, this way we can all see it….you’ve got a great blog luv, looking forward to seeing much more from you…keep up the great work xxxx

    • Aww thank you so so much Tracie hun. ..she also showed me instagram and how to use it lol thank you so much for your encouragement, support and friendship hunny it really means so much to me xxx

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